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Media Dynamic Tag

Thanks to e-addons Media Dynamic Tag, all informations (like title, caption, meta data) about your media are now available in the dynamic tag, all well-organized, and ready to meet the most demanding customization requests.

With e-addons, the great power of Elementor’s dynamic tags is extended to the nth degree.

e-addons media dynamic tag
Print all info about your media uploaded in library


Dynamic Tag

Print each info about your Media in library

Base texts

Post Common

Custom Meta Fields

Meta Data

Media Fields

Media Field
Choose from standard media text contents, like:

  • Title, the main Title of the media
  • Alternative Text, the text display when the image is not loaded
  • Caption, quick description of the media
  • Description, long description of the media
  • Meta Data, hidden stored information about the media, like ISO, size, time, location, etc
  • Mime Type, what kind of document is it, like pdf, jpg, doc, etc
  • Link, like Permalink o direct File URL
  • Date, all dates about the media, like uploaded time
  • Post Common, all extra Post data (because the Media is a Post), like Comment, ID, Author, etc
  • Custom, retrieve the value of any Media Meta Custom Field by its Meta name

Custom Meta
Search here the name of the Custom Field

media dynamic tag
elementor media dynamic tag source


Specify the Media from you want retrieve the data

  • Featured Image, current Post related media
  • WP Objects, dynamically fetch media from any Post/User/Author custom field
  • Site Option, pick a global option, by default the theme logo
  • Other, pick directly from the Media Library the wanted media


Display any info about the Media

e-addons media dynamic tag

e-addons media dynamic tag


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elementor media dynamic tag library