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Skin Carousel

It’s time to give a twist to your carousel!

Use Skin Carousel to take the best from a slideshow, with a lot of unique and beautiful effects and a custom look and feel.

Dive into the rabbit hole of creativity and show your dynamic data in an unexpected way!

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Show your dynamic data with a creative Carousel


skin carousel

The skin carousel is responsive and allows you to manage the scrolling of blocks in 5 different visual styles: Slide, Fade, Cube, Coverflow, Flip.


Classic scrolling
but also up to bottom, depends on the direction setting.

Slides for View
How many slides should be displayed.

Slides for group
How many slides must be moved when scrolling.

Slides Column
The carousel or slider can have multiple lines.

skin carlousel effect slide
skin carlousel effect fade


Scrolling in Alpha transparency.


A cube rotates and shows the face with the desired slide on its front.

The shadow under the cube.

Slide Shadows
The faces of the cube are shaded.

skin carlousel effect cube
skin carlousel effect coverflow


1/3 3d faces that slide in perspective.

Coverflow Stretch
The spacing between the slides in perspective.

Coverflow Modifier
The fold (z) of the distorted slides

Slide Shadows
The shadow on the distorted slides.

Slides per view
How many slides must be displayed.
We recommend 1 or 3.


The flip effect rotates 360° only one slide like a sheet.

skin carlousel effect flip

Navigation and scrolling controls

skin carlousel directions


Direction affects the position of the Pagination and Scrollbar navigation elements:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical


The navigation arrows are based on svg designs and consisting into 2 parts: a line and a triangle (arrow).

You can model its graphic style and position.

  • Color
  • Thickness
  • Dimension
  • Position H/V
  • Spacing
  • Deviation H/V
skin carlousel navigation


The progress and paging indicator:

skin carlousel pagination
there are 3 basic types of pagination

Bullets *

A sequence of dots placed side by side

skin carlousel pagination bullets


Numbers with separator (ex: 2/5)

skin carlousel pagination fraction


A colored progress bar

skin carlousel pagination progress
skin carlousel pagination bullets style

Bullets STYLE *

If “Dynamic bullets” is disabled you have other very attractive and original pagination styles:

  • Dots
  • Circles
  • Vertical Bars
  • Bars
  • Square
  • Lines

All have graphic styles for Color, size and spacing.

You can also view their active number.

Scroll bar

Scroll Bar allows navigation through a scroll bar that can also be dragged.

Activate the possibility of dragging

The bar pops up if the cursor is outside the carousel.

Graphic styles such as color and size allow you to customize the bar and track.

skin carousel scrollbar


skin carlousel opt autoplay


The slides scroll automatically.

Auto Play
The scrolling time / interval.

Stop on last slide
When you reach the last one, the automatic scrolling stops.

Disable on interaction
Scrolling is disabled at the first navigation interaction.

skin carlousel opt freemode


Free Mode

Velocity: The speed of inertia
Sticky: snapping after release

Mode Momentum:

  • Ratio
  • Velocity ratio
  • Bounce
  • Bounce ratio
skin carlousel options

More options

Numerous options are available.

Spacing of the slider

Column fill
Left to right or top to bottom.

And many others:

  • Infinity Loop
  • Center slides
  • Auto height
  • Grab cursor
  • Keyboard control
  • Mousewheel control
  • RTL



These parameters allow you to control the graphic style of the blocks.

  • Text alignment
  • Vertical flex align
  • Background
  • Border
  • Padding
  • Margin
skin grid block style

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