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Query Terms

If you want to have the categories or tags of a post shown, the new e-addons Query Terms is exactly the plus you need!

You can list the terms associated with a post (related categories) and generate lists of terms based on taxonomy and meta key.

e-addons query terms
Create a custom navigation archive of your categories and terms



5 different methods to manage query on Terms

Manage lists of terms from posts, templates, and taxonomy repository.



Term Parent

Custom Field

Specific terms

query type terms automatic mode


Ideal for creating term archives or for linking terms in a post from templates.

Taxonomy filter
To filter the query only of terms belonging to specific taxonomy.

Hide Empty
Show are terms that have associated posts.

First level only
Displays only first level terms.

Use only childless terms, useful for hierarchical taxonomies.

query type from taonomy terms


Taxonomy Filter
You will be able to generate lists composed of any term belonging to one or more chosen taxonomies, through the filters you will control the features of the grouping.

Hide Empty
Show are terms that have associated posts.

First level only
Use only first level terms.

Use only childless terms.

query type from parent term

Parent Child

Selecting a parent type term will display its child posts.

query type from custom field terms

By Terms Field

By providing a Custom Field that returns an array of terms, such as ACF’s Terms or PODS’ Terms type field, you will display the associated elements.

Key type
You must choose the type of element from which you want to retrieve the field. This depends on where you are using the widget.

query type from specific terms

Specific Terms

To create a list of custom terms from manual selection that you can choose from any taxonomy.


Query Manager

options terms





Maximum control of the result!
Everything is combinable.

term query filter 1
term query filter METAKEY

Meta Key

Using custom fields to filter the terms you want allows you to get personalized results at the highest level.

Custom Meta Key
The meta key

Value Type

  • numeric
  • binary
  • char
  • date
  • datetime
  • decimal
  • signed
  • time
  • unsigned

Compare Operator

  • =
  • >
  • >=
  • <
  • <=
  • !=
  • like
  • rlike
  • not like
  • in
  • not in
  • between
  • not between
  • exists
  • not extists
  • regexp
  • not regexp

The value..

term query filter SEARCH


Filter based on a word in the title or description of a term.

No results Fallback

query noresults fallback 1


The fallback text that is showed in case no results from the Query exist.

Dynamic Tag
Remember that from Dynamic Tag > Template, you can use a template for the message.

Term Items

All data at your disposal

We wanted to create a way to visualize, sort, and manage every type of data that is associated with a term to generate complete lists in all its parts.

terms items

Display elements

  • Image (custom)
  • The Title (Name)
  • Description
  • Taxonomy
  • Posts Count
  • Any Custom Field
  • Read more Button
  • Static (text, image, icon, code)
  • A custom Elementor Template

Each type of element is customizable in all its parts with dedicated parameters in order to achieve maximum control.

All styles are instantly accessible while creating items.

As if that wasn’t enough, some advanced parameters allow you to refine the display and behavior.

Go to the TERMS ITEMS page to view the features

Query Terms


Several display styles are available for all e-Query widgets that will allow you to get the navigation approach you want.

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