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ic copy paste bwe-Copy-Paste

Clipboard Cross-Domain Copy-Paste

Please welcome the ultimate evolution of the classical Copy/Paste operation! Clipboard Cross-Domain Copy-Paste allows you to copy any element from Sections to Cols, Widgets, and whole Pages or just their style and paste them to other domains. What is more, you can store the Copied JSON for a later Paste and also share it with your friends!

it's free

Copy your content from your site to another one.

It works with the whole element or just its style

copypaste scheme


CopyPaste from clipboard 1


Copy from site A the Element, or full page


CopyPaste from clipboard 2
CopyPaste from clipboard all

Paste (STYLE) from Clipboard

Paste the Element, or full page in the other site B

The Paste panel

In order to extend compatibility to all browsers, if your browser doesn’t support the “Clipboard read”, then a panel will appear where you can paste the copied JSON data.

This operation works both for the whole element and its style

CopyPaste panel
dis copypaste