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Rest api

The Rest API is pieces of information returned by a server that allows it to be recalled by external programs via the network and, after being processed, they return a result.

With the Rest API widget, you can read content from other sites that make them available through the rest API and show the result on your website, inserting them directly from the Elementor interface.

e-addons rest api remote content
Read content from REST API and show it on your site through our amazing addons



Fetch and manipulate structured data export from remote API services



Free Template

Limit elements


elementor remote rest api

Rest api

EndPoint URL
The url of the service which will provide the API service

Require Authorization
Optional AuthBasic or extra custom authentication like Bearer Token

Connection Timeout
Remote call timeout

POST Arguments

Set optional Post data as request body

WARNING: the request will be automatically convert from GET to POST verb

elementor remote rest api post
elementor remote rest api archive

Custom Template

Data Format
The language of returned data, you can choose ftom:

  • JSON (most used)
  • XML
  • HTML

An HTML Template with dynamic DATA, use Twig to set each placeholder.

Optionally insert some code Before and After the Archive

Single or Archive
Define if returned data is a single object or an array, maybe you have to set the subset path to reach the array

Archive Array Sub path
Leave empty if json result is a direct array (like in WP Api). For a web service usually you might use “results”. You can browse sub arrays separating them with a dot, like “body.people”

Limit and Offset
If in Archive you have a too large amount of results you can display only a subset


If your service can’t support a massive query and you don’t need a fresh data for every call, it’s better to enable cache with a max age time, so your site will refresh data only when needed.

Max-age Time is in seconds.

elementor remote rest api cache

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