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360 image rotator

The 360 Image rotator widget, uses a sequence of images placed in a folder on your server to create the effect of a 360 ° rotatable image.

By dragging it with the mouse on the desktop or using the touch on mobile you can navigate the image by rotating it.

Coming Soon

Display your objects in 360° using a sequence of images and our powerful widget

360 Rotation


For each 360 rotation, it requires a specific folder on the server containing all the images of the project.


Folder Path


files Sequence
Png, Jpg, svg

360 image rotator

From the 360 Image Rotator panel define the parameters.

The absolute path from root folder of the images for the 360.
The images in the folder must be called with the sequential number (ex: 1.png, or 1.svg or 1.jpg.So 2.jpg, 3.jpg, 4.jpg etc.)


  • Width dimension
  • Folder path in your server
  • Show-hide toggle for displays navigation controls.


Basic Example


    Let me know when it's available

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