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ic Pro Form Extended bwe-ProForm Extend

On Change Extension

Enhance users’ UX with On Change Extension. A tweak created by e-addons that, for select or radio fields, allows you to automatically step to the next field once the choice has been made.

Automatically step to the next field once the choice has been made with OnChange Extension.
Field onChange

On Change Extension

Submit On Change
The form submit event is triggered when a value is selected for a Radio or Select option.
You can find this configuration on Form > Content > Form Fields > Your Field > e-addons Tab.
If the field is in a Steps Form and not in the last step then it will trigger the Next button click.

Hide current Buttons
Hide the next Action Buttons present in the step/form, like the Submit/Previous/Next buttons.



Optionally hide Inputs

Optionally hide Buttons

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