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ic Display bwe-Display

Extension Display

The Display extension shown as a ghost, lets you display elements based on logic conditions with a great many types of triggers. You can combine multiple triggers in or/and mode and thus define whether to show your element or not.

it's free

Display conditions for every page Element

Display is extremely helpful, for several reasons: if you want to optimize page elements, if you want to display contents only for logged in users, or a message only in a specific time of the day, or simply hide the element when it’s  under construction!

You can hide every Widget, Column and also an entire Section!

Some examples of available Triggers


if the current post is the specified one, has a specific custom field value


by Selected users data & info, like email and custom fields

Taxonomy Term

if the current page is a Term, Tag or Category archive

Options & Context

by current situation, like parameters or Site Options

Dynamic Tag

based on the value of a Dynamic Tag result


by User Interaction with the page contents


simply randomly with a specified percentage of visualization


based on the current products in cart, specific page, membership, ...


based on your own Custom PHP logic condition

Date & Time

in a specific Date or recurrent on days of the week, month or period of the year.

Browser & Devices

by User Browser and Device: desktop or mobile

Geographic Location

by User geographic position (State or City)

How it works:

display schema


display 1 tab


Integrated in Editor Panel with a dedicated Tab


display 2 options


Quick available in the Context menu panel which appear with a simple right click


display 3 navigator


Identify all hidden elements in the Navigator by its visible logo


display 4 showhide

Show / Hide

Define if you want to display or hide by a condition, or simply hide


display 5 triggers


Many Triggers full of options to define your own custom display condition


display 6 condition

Or / and condition

Choose from AND or OR operator for Conditions


You can optionally display an alternative content if the condition is not satisfied instead of the empty result. This fallback content can be a simple Text or a Template using the “Dynamic Tag Template”

display fallback
display fallback template
dis gost


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