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e-addons Reveal levels up your website thanks to some new amazing and creative animated displays.

Give your widgets a hint of suspense with a complete set of effects that let reveal their content.

Coming Soon

A new amazing motion effect for your widget display animation.

Motion FX


It works on ALL WIDGETS



box Image


ALL Widgets


You can find and enable the Reveals option from:
Advanced Tab > Motion Effects on every Widgets.

  • Direction
    The direction from-to of the animation
  • Speed
    The time needed to reveal the content
  • Delay
    You can delay the execution of the animation in milliseconds.
  • Color
    The background color of the wrapper
  • Live
    The animation effect will be repeated on every time user meets the element in the page from any direction.


Reveals directions

Bottom to Top

top to Bottom


Left to Right

Right to Left

markus spiske 970S7AFiAhE unsplash
ralph ravi kayden PDikKGE64as unsplash
markus spiske ty7crrfDjkM unsplash
clarisse croset 8g0HQspSU6c unsplash
kristaps ungurs CDjqENI2XZE unsplash
eugene golovesov 7Jjd7K2Tsvw unsplash

Is Live

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