Logic on fields and actions

E-Addons PRO FORM CONDITIONS for Elementor

Add Conditional logic on your Elementor PRO Form!

Easily show or hide, enable or disable, require or collapse form Fields ans Steps based on values selected or entered in other fields on that form.

Execute only required Actions based on User choices on the form.

Manage submitted data on standard Ajax actions or send them by Post or Get to your custom endpoint.


e-ProForm Conditions

Your Elementor PRO Form could be more smart: add Conditional Fields, Steps and Actions and take full control on submitted data

These are the components of e-addons

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E-addons is a FRAMEWORK that allows you to manage numerous tools with a uniform logical system. It is free and downloadable from the Wordpress repository.


Many Plugins

Our philosophy is NOT a single heavy and tiring plugin to use, BUT a collection of tools that can be installed separately according to your needs.


Easy to install

Installation is easy. From a single access point, "the dashboard" install, enable and manage what you need.


Research & Developing

We are constantly looking for new features that are missing to achieve better and better results that are needed for the development of digital products online.


Intuitive Dashboard

The heart of the tools management is the DASHBOARD accessible from the e-addons item in the WordPress menu.


on/off Settings

Every single feature can be enabled and disabled from the SETTINGS page in the e-addons panel, this will greatly optimize your site.


Extendible Prototype

E-addons is designed to grow, a series of features allows us to develop new solutions with ease, we are open to the possibility of creating new features at the request of users


Regular Updates

Many FREE and PRO PLUGINS are now available, many others are under contruction and more will be CREATED in the near future. Remember to always update. We are always at WORK.