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ic Pro Form Extended bwe-ProForm Extend

Range Number Field

Define a Min and Max values selection with a better UI through a graphical slider.

Set a min e max value with a slider
elementor range number field

Range Number Field

Type Range
A new extra option for current Form Field
Set the Min and Max value, by default are 0-100

Range Values
How to show current selected values:

  • Text, a customizable string below the slider show the min and max values separated by custom Separator
  • Input, the standard text input show before the slider
  • None, the values are visible only during user selection

This will add the markers along the slider, and place the min/max values to the beginning/end of the slider

Default Value
It requires 2 numbers separated by comma (example: “200,500”)


Budget Range field

Set a variable range of Budget for your clients.

e-ProForm Extend

Single site


per year

e-ProForm Extend

Unlimited Sites


per year


ALL Pro-Form plugins



per year


All PRO plugins

Full Access Pass



Yearly or Lifetime

European citizens: prices shown do not include tax (will be calculated on checkout based on your location and VAT ID).


14 Days money-back guarantee


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Get updates and special offers for e-ADDONS PRO

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