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Submissions Counter

This Shortcode count the length of Collected Submission of any Elementor PRO Form which execute this Action.

Get the number of Submission made with a Form

[ e_submissions ]

[ e_submissions id="abc123" post_id="123" is_read="1" plus="100" ]

You can use it everywhere, like to display an usage info, to generate a unique incremental counter for your email ticket, etc.

Submissions Counter



Element ID, optional
The Element ID of the Form where the “Collect Submission” is enable in “Actions after submit”.
Optional, if not set count all Submission, else they will be filtered for specific Form.


INT, optional
The Post ID of the page where the Form was submitted.
Optional, if not set count all Submission, else they will be filtered for specific Post.


INT, optional
Filter by user who submit the form.
Optional, it accept a User ID or “auto” for current logged in user ID.


STRING, optional
Filter by the submission state.
Optional, it accept text like “new”.


BOOL, optional
The Readed state of the stored submission.
Optional, it accept 1 (readed) or 0 (not readed), if not set will be counted in both state.


INT, optional
An incremental value of real counter, maybe you want start it from an higher (or less if negative) number.
Optional, it accept an integer number, by default is 0.

How to get the Elementor element ID

* This is a feature built into e-addons core
copypaste element id 1
Right click
copypaste element id 2
Copy ID
copypaste element id 3
Paste in the field

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