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ic Pro Form Extended bwe-ProForm Extend

Calculator Field

Say goodbye calculators and welcome to Calculator Field with which it will be possible to fill out a form and select items immediately obtaining a total count of our choices.
The only limit will be your imagination.

Coming Soon

Calculate in real time the price of services choose while filling out the form.
Field calculator amount

Calculator Field

A new Field type available in Form > Content > Form Fields > Your Field > Type.

It consent to display a calculated field based on User choices in this form.

The result value can be display on the form and used on all Actions.

Calculator Expression
It’s the expression which define the operations to calculate the total.
As dynamic placeholder of the Form fields you can use the standard Field Shortcodes or Tokens.
Examples (they return the same result):

  • [field id=”qnt”] * [field id=”price”]
  • [form:qnt] * [form:price]

Hide Result

The result field will not appear visible on the Form, but it’s usable inside the Actions


Booking Form

Children have free Breakfast
City Tax (2€ per Person per Night) will be automatically added to Total

Expression used in this demo:

[form:room]*[form:nights] + [form:adults]*[form:nights]*[form:breakfast] + ([form:adults]+[form:children])*[form:nights]*2

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