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Take UX to the next level, Store Form data into User cookies with Cookie e-addons for Elementor, and use them whenever you want to make you user experience more personal.

Coming Soon

Store Form data into User cookies and use it to customize interaction with users.
cookie action


Ignore empty fields
If the Form field submitted data is empty it will skip the generation of an empty cookie.

Form Fields
Decide what Form fields will be stored on Cookies.
Leave empty (or No field) for saving all fields.

Expire Days
How many days the cookie will survive on your computer.
Leave empty for duration until User close the browser.

Set Cookie visibility for a site subfolder.
Leave empty (or /) for entire site.

Set Cookie visibility for the current domain and/or third levels.


COOKIE action

Store Form data into User cookies, for a later use of this information into the website

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