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Multi redirects

With Multi Redirect it will be possible to manage the redirection actions of the elementor form, based on the user’s choices during the compilation phase. Add this fantastic e-addons and let your creativity run free

Coming Soon

Show different content based on the choices made with multi redirect
multi redirects action

Multi redirects

Unlimited redirect conditions

Redirect Repeater
On the repeater you can add many redirects, each of them contain the same subfields.

The Form Field which you want to check the value

Select the Field status of its value, you can choose from:

  • Equal/Not Equal
  • Less Than/Less Equal Than
  • Greater Than/Greater Equal Than
  • Contain/Not Contain
  • In Array
  • Is Checked/ Not Checked


It appear based on the selected status, it’s the value you want to compare with the Field value.

Redirect To
If condition is satisfy the Form will send you to this URL.
On valid condition the next conditions will be ignored.



This Form will redirect you on different pages based on your choices.

If your age is less than 18 years old you will get redirect to Home
You will be redirect to your favorite feature after form submission

Let me know when it's available

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