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PDF Pro-Form Generator

The PDF Pro-Form Generator is a new e-addons custom action that allows you to generate a PDF from an Elementor Template containing all the dynamic data from the form.

The generated PDF could be stored as a Media, or you can send it as a Mail Attachment in a dynamic Email.

Coming Soon

Easily generate a PDF with custom template e dynamic content
pdf proForm action

PDF Pro-Form Generator

All fields supports Tokens and native Form Shortcodes. You can use together at same time.

You can choose from the 2 must advanced HTML to PDF converter:

  • DomPDF, the most used and compatible
  • mPDF, high CSS compatibility and language support

The generated PDF file name.
Warning: you can use standard supported character for files

The folder where put the genereated PDF file. The folder starts from the uploads folder.

You can generate the PDF Content choosing from:

  • HTML, Create a simple PDF quickly with a WYSIWYG
  • Template, select an Elementor dedicated Template or generate a new one

PDF Page

Define the structure of the PDF Page, like its Size from the common sizes and the page Orientation.

Add optional Margin and DPI for a better result.

pdf proForm action page
pdf proForm action media

Save PDF on media

Save the PDF as Media, you can find it later in your WordPress Media Library.

The PDF Media title

The PDF Media Description

Email PDF Attachment

If you add “Advanced Email” in “Actions After Submit” you will enable this extra option.

If enabled the generated PDF will be automatically added as Attachment to all Advanced Emails sent from the Form.

pdf proForm action email attachment


Keep in mind that HTML to PDF conversion has several limitations:

  • no JavaScript supported (like animation, carousel, etc)
  • not all CSS are supported (the result cannot be the same as in your browser)
  • no custom Fonts are supported (included Icons)

A more clear and simple Template is the best way.
PDF content Configuration could be hard if you want an automatic complex layout.


PDF action

Create a new PDF from your submitted data on fly

Let me know when it's available

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