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Save to Custom DB

Save To Custom DB is a revolutionary addon for Elementor PRO Form. It allows the users to save the data just entered onto the form into the database with many data management possibilities.

Moreover, you can store the information in a custom Table, in a specific DB, also in a remote server, and directly from the form in the frontend.

e-addons save to custom db for Elementor PRO form
Take full control of form data by saving it where it’s needed.


Action After Submit


Pro Form ACTIONS Save customdb 1
Pro Form ACTIONS Save customdb REGISTER and UPDATE

Save to Custom DB

Save submitted Form data to DB

Your Form fields will be stored as New Row in custom Table or you can update an existing one.

Set DB Table credentials

DB Table
The Table Name inside your DB

Add WP Table Prefix
If it’s a standard WordPress Table this option will add automatically the site prefix

DB User
Set credential to access to different DB or leave empty for Current DB (same as WordPress DB set in config file)

DB Password
If you insert the custom User usually DB are protected also by Password

DB Name
The name of the different DB where the Table is located or leave empty for default one (same of WordPress set in config file)

DB Host
Set different host where the Database is stored or leave empty for default one (same of WordPress set in config file)

Pro Form ACTIONS Save customdb BASE DATA
Pro Form ACTIONS Save customdb ROW FIELD

Row Fields

Set a Repeater row for each field in Table row

Field Key
The Field name in the DB Table

Is Primary Key
Use this data to force the Primary key, needed for Updating an existing one row

Field Value
The data to store inside the DB Table field, use a static value mixed to Form field Shortcodes

Field Format
Optionally specify which type of data is current field:

  • String, by default
  • Integer
  • Float

Sanitize Value
Optionally sanitize data before store it in db for security reason

Extra settings

Save File as Media
Every Uploaded file will be saved as Media, and will be stored in DB its ID and not only the path.

Save Multiple as Array
Transform the submitted multiple data from values separated by a comma in a more convenient Array

Pro Form ACTIONS Save customdb EXTRA SETT
Pro Form ACTIONS Save customdb ERROR MESSAGE

Custom Error message

Custom Error Message
You can decide a generic error message or leave empty to display a detailed technical error message

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14 Days money-back guarantee


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