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e-addons for Elementor

Skin Grid

Customize your Archives with a Grid visualization, representing all your results in Blocks with Content and Style you want.

Redesign your Archive Pages in a easy way with the power of the Query Widgets


skin grid

The grid skin is responsive and allows you to manage blocks in 3 logics: Flex, Masonry e Blog.


Responsive Columns.
From 1 to 7.

Flex grow: 0(zero) or 1

The flex grid has horizontal and vertical alignments.

  • Top or Left
  • Center or Middle
  • Bottom or Right
  • Space Between
  • Space Around
  • Stretch (Vertical flex align)
skin grid masonry


The grid in method Masonry.


The BLOG style grid consists of 2 parts: the first element and all others.

It is possible to define logics for the 2 grids.

1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 2/3, 3/4, 3/5, 4/5

Grid alignments

  • Horizontal position
  • Vertical position
skin grid blog



These parameters allow you to control the graphic style of the blocks.

  • Text alignment
  • Vertical flex align
  • Background
  • Border
  • Padding
  • Margin
skin grid block style
skin grid style



  • Columns (horizontal)
  • Rows (vertical)


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